SSC CHSL Exam Paper 4th March 2018 (Shift 2)- Afternoon

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In this post We are providing SSC CHSL Exam Paper 4th March 2018 (Shift 2)- Afternoon. These all Questions will be beneficial to understand the psychology of ssc chsl exam. We provide only memory based Questions. Because exam is going on online basis.

Quantitative Aptitude
1). A thing has been sold at the loss of 12%. If its cost price has reduced by 10% and Selling Price become more by Rs 5.75, then profit become 30%.

2). How much price he has to sell it to get 20% profit.

3). If AD, BE, and CF are Medians of ΔABC, then which statement is true in the following?

4). If A – B =3 and A3 – B3 = 117 , what will be A + B ?

5). 4 men and 6 women can complete the work in 12 days by 7 hour per day. In how many days 10 Men, 3 Women will complete after doing 8 hours per day.

6). If any principle become 8 times in 4 years, then in how many years it will become 16 times?

7). A can complete the work in 24 days and B can complete the same in 16 days. How many days will A and B together takes to complete the same work?

8). If cost of 12 Pen is equal to selling price of 8 pens, then how much profit will be?

9). Two train 125 m long is running in opposite direction on parallel track. First train is running with speed of 65 Km/h and they cross each other in 6 seconds. What will be the speed of second train?

English Language

1. Fill in the blanks

Q1. My father is very ____ to me, we play football every evening.

Q2. Neither Shyam ___ Rohit came to the school today.

2. Error Spotting
(A)This errors/ (B) are made/ (C) by foreigners/ (D) No Error.

3. Antonyms

4. Idioms
Broke up

5. Spelling Correction

6. Make below sentence Indirect
He said, “He took tea in the morning”

7. One question was from ‘Arrange the Sentences’

8. One question was from ‘Active/ Passive’

General Knowledge and Reasoning Questions are not available till now.

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